Monday, March 14, 2005

blue-green food

Still a little sick, food is not really foremost on my mind.

The prevailing theory is that I may have cyclospora, the blue-green algae disease. It makes you fatigued and achy, without the lung/stomach situation of a cold. It was discovered in Kathmandu. We're really on the forefront of fecal-ingestion diseases here in Nepal. Geez.

Don't worry, cyclospora is curable with three days of over-the-counter stuff here. Come to think of it, everything's over-the-counter here: valium, whatever. You can buy a little packet of rabies vaccine, a syringe, and directions of how to shoot it - brought to you by France.

My pants have been on a slow road to looking like a Subway-Select-Menu ad on me. Blue-green's kept that going. Best shape of my life, incidently.

Food is on my mind observationally though. You know, like when you make plans for the future. I'm considering photographing all my meals like this guy. Just considering.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous said...

Beecher --
You never responded to a comment I posted on December 1, 2004 requesting your email address. Is your email address listed somewhere on your website; am I missing something? Not every comment can weather the throes of public scrutiny.
-- Jimmy Fleming JRFJ

At 9:58 AM, williambeecher said...


To wit, you never read the entire post I devoted to you, stating that I don't have your email address and could not find it on the internet.

Ergo, I cannot email you until you email me.

I do not have my email address on the blog, so bots don't get it and send me junk email.

You're a resourceful guy. You broke into my geocities website account when we were in high school. You can find my email address. Email my parents or call Emma - they know the address.



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