Saturday, March 12, 2005

sick and raining

No sooner do I write about feeling great and the sun shining for springtime, then I get sick and it starts raining.

I must have touched my face.

It was odd getting sick. For the first time since I got to Nepal, I had a cold. Oh, I've been sick plenty of times, but it's always been food poisoning. After five or six good stiff food poisonings, you forget about a plain old cold. For a little while, I was wondering whether I had something truly awful, like rabies. Not that I'd been bitten by an animal, but I could tell it wasn't food poisoning, but I was nevertheless sick. I calmed down about that pretty quick. Some advil and orange juice don't make you feel better if you have rabies.

Ewan's parents are visiting. They went for a walk up one of the Kathmandu Valley's hills yesterday. To further spite the idea that a beautiful springtime is upon us, it started to rain, and then hail, and then a lightning bolt hit the ground 20 feet from them and they saw the ground steaming afterwards. They told me it was pretty scary.

Tomorrow, the Hobbses and Nini are off to Pokhara. They planted a flower bed outside our flat this afternoon. Our landlord has alotted us a bit of a garden, but we've been typical engineers about the thing, and just left it, up until now.


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