Friday, March 04, 2005


Dude means 'milk' in Nepali, pronounced just like Americans say it. This must contribute to how hilarious 20-somethings 'finding themselves in Nepal' are to Nepalis. This situation has me saying 'dude' a lot less than I used to, so that's good.

The trekkers are starting to come back. Yesterday Ewan and I were on one of the major streets downtown, and we saw quite a few. What seems like 'quite a few' to us is relative to very few being around during the winter. But to Nepalis in the tourism business, the number of trekkers is extremely low - business is not good. May have something to do with the political situation.


At 7:26 AM, Anonymous said...

I think you've figured out the problem! By the way, Happy 03/04/05--although I realize this has little to do with how time is measured in Nepal. But I still think it's neat. jwb


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