Friday, November 12, 2004

Tihar festival

Since I've arrived in Nepal, it seems like there have been festivals about every other day. That's not so far from the truth - this is the festival season. It's big, like our Christmas and New Year's.

Today was the festival of lights. Yesterday was the day dogs were worshipped. Instead of getting kicked and having spark plugs thrown at them, the dog of Kathmandu (street dogs and otherwise) got wreathes of flowers, tikas on their foreheads and paws, and a meal of meat and eggs. Our bosses' dogs got especially nice wreathes and meals that Vishnu and Koche made.

Two days ago was the day to worship crows. Sunday is the day to worship your brother. There is no day to worship your sister. But there is a day to worship yourself.

I uploaded pictures from the Annapurna trek tonight. I hadn't done it earlier as there were over 50 photos and the connection here is dial-up. All of the photos are available in 800x600, and the ones I really liked are available in extra-large versions. Just click on the 800x600 shot to get the larger version, when available.


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Beautiful photos!


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