Wednesday, November 03, 2004

photos up on the web site

After getting back from the trek, I tried one last time to get the photo gallery program on to work and boom, it worked. I'm not sure what changed, but now the program works and lots of photos are up - they're at Also up on the web is Ewan's account of the trek. His website,, has a great map of where we were, with clickable photos interspersed. The photo of a 5'4" porter's three lashed-together huge duffel bags sitting on a bench next to my backpack is an amazing sight. The map is at

It hit me today that this blog and the photos on my site have no reference to each other, so I'll get some continuity-headers together soon with links between them - something to really tie the website together.

I went to work early today to see the outcome of the presidential election, as our bosses have the BBC and CNN. I can't believe this.

Today after work, we went over to the Engineering University next door to us because we heard there was an energy-generation conference put on with IIT Bombay. It turned out it was across town at the Birenda International Convention Center. Wow - that place was incredible, unlike anything place I've been in here in Nepal. We got let in by the guards on account of being white. That's a ticket to a lot of things here.

The conference turned out to be PhD-style presentations on highly-specialized national-scale energy production and distribution - neural networks modeling and the like. Not exactly what we're doing, but we were approached and asked if we were the as-of-then-unseen Italians scheduled to come. Kind of exciting!


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