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In-Flight Menagerie

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

home hipster shirts

I got to reading Pre-Shrunk, a blog of some import, while I was in Nepal.

I used to be into hipster irony t-shirts.

I'm still into the idea of making these two shirts. The idea of an ecotourist wearing an olive-drab shirt that says ecotourist is incredibly funny to me. Even if someone is performing ecotourist, it seems like a label that would never be self-applied on a shirt, as is done in the genre of 'security' or 'event staff' shirts.

I loved Hong Kong.

I found a few resources on the internet about silk-screening at home. How hard could it be if small-time traveling rock bands do it themselves? Here are the links.

  • Craftgrrl - short on monochroming images, brief and definitive on budget elmer's glue method

  • long thread - usenet style

  • basic photo emulsion

  • blank shirts - great selection of blank anything, but I'm suspicious that it all seems too easy

  • the ink!

  • converting photos to monochrome - make your hipster picture


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