Monday, May 09, 2005

newspaper clipping

I'm at the office. It's pretty late. I'm trying to send a fax to Hong Kong from Nepal. You can probably understand what a circus that is.

Right now there's a wedding party outside the window. The office/bosses'-home is next to an open area that's popular for this sort of thing. It's a three-goater, which is big. The guys were butchering the goats yesterday outside our window. They butchered the first goat in front of the other two tied-up goats - cut its head off and everything. I was a little surprised they didn't take it behind a wall or something.

Here's a news clipping from the Himalayan Times yesterday about how FM radio will now be used for the promotion of art and culture rather than political news. The Minister for Education and Sports is paraphrased:

They're cutting down all the trees that line the major street in Patan: Pulchowk. They're big trees. I'm no ecological activist playing pirate-taking-over-oil-tankers, but this doesn't seem right. It takes so long to make big trees like that, and they don't hurt anyone. Then someone younger than the trees gets an idea. And who knows what motivates that idea.

An expatriate woman who's been here for thirty years and I were talking about the trees the other night at a dinner event our manager had. She told me I should read the story about the last tree in Brooklyn. I think I will when I get home.


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