Wednesday, April 20, 2005

live band before 8:00AM

It's 7:43AM and there's a South-Asian marching band hitting it pretty hard right outside our flat. I guess it's a wedding. It started at 7:25AM, right after I'd gotten up to put on the water heater for a shower. Just as I was sitting back down on the bed to waste 20 minutes or so staring at the ceiling while the water warms up, the band started. It'll scare the hell out of you - at 7:25AM - to hear a sleep-eyed marching band start "When the Saints Go Marching In" with no warning. It's disorienting. The band has that South-Asian sound - lots of complicated and loud clarinet. Even when they play Western songs, they're arranged in a South-Asian way. Kind of awesome.

If I ever propose to a girl in the US, I'm going to do it by hiring an Indian marching band to wake her entire neighborhood up at 7:25AM.

I don't think I ever posted it before, but engineers seem to replace lawyers here in the rank of which jobs get the most respect. In the US, it's a big deal if you're a doctor or a lawyer, but here it's doctor/engineer. Awesome for me.

A Nepali living in Minnesota posted a comment to my last entry. Funny, as I am a Minnesotan living in Nepal. He noted most Nepalis are far from "pretty much vegan". Dairy's huge. So there you go - my last post was full of factual errors! Not surprising, really. I've only been here seven months and spend most of my time in an English-speaking office in the country's largest city. How much do I really know about how Nepalis do anything? Not much.


At 9:35 AM, themoonshake said...

You're excused. It's great to read about your experiences in Nepal. Didn't know you were from Minnesota.


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