Thursday, April 14, 2005

best new year's yet

Yesterday was Nepali New Year. We celebrated the arrival of 2062 at a bar with Nepalis and expatriates.

This was the best New Year's yet. It's the fourth since I've been here, and I've only been here seven months. There was Newari New Year first, then Western, then Tibetan, and now Nepali. I still haven't found a Nepali who knows what happened 2062 years ago.

We were made privy to the bar we spent New Year's at by the architect who's volunteering some with us. He asked me at one point, well into the evening, what my marital status is. Sweet Enola Gay. This is the first time I've ever been asked that.

Looking around me, I realized though that I was probably among the youngest people there - some of the tourists in ponchos were probably about my age, but the people we knew there and were talking with were all married couples. His question kind of shocked me at first, but taking in the situation at hand, I guess it was a reasonable question. Nevertheless, while we have many talking points in common, marital status is not one of them.


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