Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Tomorrow is Holi, so I've designated some second-tier clothes to wear. If a little kid throws a water balloon, full of red dye, at you on Holi, then that's okay. The little fella is celebrating a Hindu festival. They especially like to hit white people, I'm told.

The kids have been getting excited about this for about a week. There's a narrow dirt path between our flat and the main street, and the neighborhood kids like to take advantage of that urban canyon scenario. People move slow there because the ground's really uneven. If I was ten (or twenty), I would throw water balloons at foreigners there too. I got hit by a non-dyed balloon last Thursday and shouted at the surrounding buildings that Holi's not for another week.

In other news, I got the full run-down at the western-grade clinic this morning, after still feeling a little fatigued eight days after getting sick. I don't have mono or the blue-green or a parasite, as far as the tests show. As conciliation, the doctor told me he's been similarly fatigued for the last three weeks and can't find anything wrong with himself either. Maybe the two of us have an undiscovered disease and are on the verge of medical history. As I mentioned in the last post, this clinic has discovered digestive-system diseases before.

On Sunday, Ewan's parents took us all to a fancy Nepali dinner. The tourist guide books say this is something you must do in Kathmandu, and it was as good as it was billed. We chose the 9-course set meal. Ewan's mom took pictures of all nine courses. I'll put those up when she downloads them to Ewan's computer.

At this restaurant, you can have anywhere between 6 and 22 courses. Prince Charles ate the 12 course when he was there - so the picture on the wall says. The affair took 3 hours seated on the ground. Awesome. If you're ever in Kathmandu, you gotta do it: Dwarika's Hotel, book the dinner at least three hours ahead.


At 6:55 AM, Anonymous said...

William I lived in Nepal, as a teenager, back in the late 50s, mother worked for USOM, I read your page every day, wonder what had happen to you in 7 days, glad you are better, reading your news and activities, make me feel like Iam there, Nepal was always # 1 for me, we lived in Hitauda & Katmandu. RCL


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