Saturday, December 25, 2004

more christmas photos

Today it's Christmas. Ewan, Nini, and I all seemed to wake up at the same time - around 1:30 in the afternoon - to enjoy christmas brunch. Enjoying bacon and eggs with toast, mimosas, and some gifts on our porch, it was a great event for Christmas.

I added some additional pictures in the galley part - now Going Somewhere For Christmas has company. The new set of photos includes photos of the obscure chess move, the en passant - available only in French. It was done with the travel chess set I got in my stocking. While santa forgot to include 7 of the black pieces in the shrink-wrap, I forgot to put the bishops and knights in the right places. Nevertheless, if I remember corrently, a Nepali Christmas En Passant was completed.

Our landlord's (and so, in a way, our) dog makes his first appearance in these photos. For Christmas, he finally got the hair tied up that otherwise partially blinds him.

It's the Christmas playlist from my laptop.


At 6:58 AM, BAV said...

Merry Christmas, William!
I'm glad you've taken your holiday spirit with you to Nepal. We had one of Santa's reindeers -- ok, it was a mule deer -- visit us last night while the old guy must have been on our roof. We were watching a DVD when the motion detector light in the garden went on. Jerry said, "Look at that." Standing right in front of our multi-color blinking tree, barely six yards from the window was a gorgeous 6 or 7-point (that's 6 or 7 per side)buck. He calming turned to look at us and then slowly walked into the evergreen in front of the house. He probably bedded down for the night under the pines. Wasn't that a nice Christmas visit?

We continue to enjoy your Blog and are glad that we can experience your Nepalese adventure in this way.

Huge Christmas Hugs and Auntie/Godmother Smooches,
Bobbie Ann


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