Wednesday, November 17, 2004

worst movie ever

No matter what anyone tells you, no matter if it only costs 35 cents to rent, no matter if you're in Nepal and trying to find a way to fill the time between the great masala for dinner and bed in two hours, no matter if it's a pirated DVD of the french version made in Pakistan, do not ever, ever watch the movie Catwoman.

No part of the 35 cents I paid went to Warner Brothers studios, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, or that guy from Law and Order, but I still have half a mind to write them all a letter, asking for my money back, since I spent one and a half hours of my time watching them waste miles of just fine unexposed film.

As a side note, the movie cut out in the last ten minutes to the credits of a different movie set to a ho-down theme. I attribute this to the Pakistani pirates slipping up - probably only because they'd left the room to let the pirating machine go on auto pilot as even they couldn't take it. This ho-down-credits part was kind of in keeping with how terrible the rest of the experience was. If you went to the scene selection, you could get back and watch the movie's end - not that it mattered.

Yo Nepal ho.


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